Opt-Out Easy

Install Opt-Out Easy

How do I use Opt-Out Easy?

1. The icon is orange and has a badge to indicate you can take action on this website.
2. Clicking on the icon then opens the main panel, which tells you how you can take action.
3. Take action by clicking on a choice! Each action you take protects your privacy on this website.
4. The color change indicates you have already visited the link. To opt-out of another practice, click a different link.

Understanding your Opt-Out choices

Opt-Out Easy makes it easy to distinguish between opt-out choices offered by the website you're currently on and opt-outs offered by third parties, such as advertising partners.

Opt-Out Easy also tells you more about opt outs before you make decisions about them. We distinguish between these opt-out types:

Marketing opt-out

Opt-out of marketing communication via email or postal mail of the company.

Advertising tracking opt-out

Opt-out of interest based advertising on the website by either the website itself or third party websites - you will still see ads but they will not track what websites you visit.

Data-sharing opt-out

Opt-out of websites sharing data collected about you with third parties (other websites and companies).

Analytics Opt-out

Opt-out of systems that analyze how you use a website to help the website understand its audience and improve its website.

Cookie opt-out

Opt-out of crackers? Not quite. Cookies are identifiers placed in your browser by a website or third parties to uniquely identify you even if you don't have an account.

How does Opt-Out Easy work?

Opt-Out Easy makes privacy policies easy to understand

The server scans the privacy policy for hyperlinks.
After extracting a hyperlink, it identifies if it is an opt-out and what kind.
Opt-Out Easy then shows these opt out choices to you in an easy language.

Opt-Out Easy helps you keep track of your privacy choices

Click on the privacy status button at the bottom of the extension.
It gives you opt-out choices on other recently visited sites and helps you keep track of your privacy status.

How do we protect your privacy?

The websites you visit and the choices you make are stored locally on your computer – they are not sent to our servers. Our servers only receive three types of information from you:

For more details about our privacy practices, please refer to our privacy policy.